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Our Mission - To collect and redeem bottles and cans and donate that money to Community Programs.

Food Banks / ​S​ou​p Kitche​ns​

St. Vincent de Paul Soup Kitchen, MIddletown

Portland Food Bank

Southington Bread for Life

Cromwell Food Bank

Durham Food Bank

War​m the Children

Warm The Children purchases new winter clothing for children in need who reside in Middletown, Cromwell, East Hampton, Durham, Middlefield, Portland, and Haddam. Warm the Children is an all-volunteer program. Administrative costs are absorbed by the Kiwanis Club of Middletown through their various fundraisers throughout the year. 

Veteran Programs

Shepherd Home – provides 32 units of permanent supportive housing for Veterans experiencing homelessness in Middletown.

Domestic Violence Programs

New Horizons Shelter


We collect bottles and cans, redeem them and put the money back into the community primarily towards humanitarian needs. We look for programs that help people who are in need of help.

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