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About Us

Cans-4-A-Cause was started in 2018 to educate Connecticut Residents and Businesses about the bottle deposits.  Each year, over 720 million bottles and cans do not get returned for a deposit refund.  That generates an additional $36 million for the states General Fund.  In the Greater Middletown area alone, an estimated 20 million containers go unredeemed which is over $1 million that could be going back into the community.  Our goal is to take as of those containers that are not being returned for redemption, redeemed and the money put back into the community.  If people are already redeeming them or giving them to the scouts or their local church or another program, we hope they will continue to do so.  But if they are throwing them away (either into the trash or their recycling bin), we would like them to donate them to us.

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